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Parallel milking machine

Parallel milking machine
  • Parallel milking machine
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Brand:Облсельхозтехника, УП
Country of manufacture:Belarus

The milking machine of the Parallel type is intended for milking of cows on the special platform in the machines located in pairs at an angle 90 °.

Installations are made two modifications:

- without automatic control of process of milking on the computer - UDA

- computer-controlled process of milking on the computer - UDM

Installation is completed with modern modules of management of a dairy post. The system has a set of new expanded functions: display of indications of a yield of milk and intensity of a stream of milk. The upgraded programs of a pulsation with automatic stimulation of an udder. The pulsation controlled by a dairy stream. Automatic removal of the milking machine upon termination of milking. The notification about dumping of the milking machine or a low yield of milk; remote programming. Simple operations of the button of management, etc. The module of management can be adjusted taking into account almost any requirements of the user. Identification of a cow happens to the help of the transponder - the upgraded sensor collar which allows to define the period of her sexual hunting along with identification of a cow.

Management of herd of DataFlow is the system of integrated management of process of milking and herd including a number of electronic modules and the software on the basis of the Windows XP.

Brand: Облсельхозтехника, УП
Country of manufacture: Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 12.01.2018

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